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TWO LOOKS UNDER $125 (Part 2)

stylish fall looks 2015Lace Blouse, White Denim, Black Fall Hat,

Hey Girls! I’m so excited to share part two of looks I’ve created under $125 (see part 1 here).  Our days have started really cooling down up here so it’s inevitable I start prepping for fall.  For most of you though, it’s still pretty warm so I decided to do a transition look for anyone eager to welcome Fall.

When it comes to introducing pieces for fall it doesn’t mean having to suffocate in knit cardigans until the weather cools down, you can focus on switching in new colours and textures.  Around this time, I start hanging up my straw hats and welcoming (faux) wool.  I’ll put the brights away until next summer and embrace the warm autumn tones.  The colour on this dainty tank is completely why I fell in love with it and I can’t wait to pair it with a knit cardi.

We keep seeing new fall trends including a lot of white (even on the bottom) and I personally love it. The easiest part about white is it goes with almost anything and can easily be made season appropriate.  I shop for most of my bottoms from Forever 21 not only because they are easy on the bank account but they always have a million different options.  I always find a lot of use in a pair of white skinnies so I was so happy to add these ones to my collection.  Denim has to be one of my favourite things about fall! As i’ve said before I love everything from skinny to boyfriends and when they are cheap with a lot of options it makes shopping a whole lot easier. I’m currently crushing on this pair here, here and here.

To finish a look I always love to add a hat (especially for days I would rather not do my hair) and Forever 21 has the most affordable accessories with a lot of options.  Even if either of the two looks aren’t for you I hope this was still a good example of how you can get more for less when choosing to shop at the right places.

Hope you all have an amazing week! xx E

pretty tops for fall
forever 21 white jeans pink lace top from forever 21 fall outfit ideas 2015 lace top forever 21 fall outfit

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TWO LOOKS UNDER $125 (Part 1)

jeans for fall 2015Distressed Boyfriend Jeans / Stipe Lace Blouse (Size up..fits small) / Grey Maxi Cardigan (Sold Out. Similar Here) / Sandals (Another Option Here) / Sunglasses

One of my favourite tricks when adding to my wardrobe is to shop smart.  I find I change my mind so often about what I love/hate so it isn’t practical to always be spending hundreds of dollars on clothing.  Though there are pieces I will invest it, most of the time you’ll catch me styling pieces under $30. This look I’ve created is super basic but just a simple example of how easy it is to create a full look for less.

I’m going to do a two post series where I’ll show you two looks I created for less than $125 (each).  I wanted to do this post because I often come across looks that I love but simply aren’t financially practical.  I know that everyone enjoys more for less and if you have a plan and know what you’re looking for it doesn’t have to look cheap.

My first step in shopping smart is choosing a place you can rely on.  Forever 21 has to be one of my favourite places to find cute wearable pieces. I love how I can click on the images and zoom in and see exactly what it is I’m purchasing.  Start with a staple piece or something you know you can work into a number of different looks. For this look here, I decided I needed a pair of Fall Boyfriends and chose to work around that.  Distressed boyfriend jeans have been trending for the past couple of seasons and I’m liking it.  I love how I can feel comfortable and relaxed without having to leave my house in tights.  I also will add to the distress myself if I love the fit but wish there was more wear + tear to it.  Like I did with this pair, I’ll grab my scissors and just start snipping and ripping.  If the boyfriend style isn’t your thing that’s totally okay! They have everything from skinnies (actually $7.90) to distressed capris to flares! Whatever your style, there is a pair for you and completely affordable.

Once you’ve chosen your staple find add on’s and accessories to complete the look.  Sunglasses, cardigan, a hat and a pair of faux-leather sandals can complete the look without breaking the bank.  I hope you found this helpful + you all have a wonderful weekend! xx E

distressed jeans from forever 21 jeans from forever 21fall fashion 2015 boyfriend eans for fall 2015distressed jeans fall 2015 fall jean trends 2015

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black denim shorts from urban outfitters
Basic T / Cardigan (Other colour + pattern options here) / Levi Shorts / Hat (Similar Here) / Slip Ons (Similar Here)

The most comforting thing about summer coming to end is knowing fall is around the corner. We had some time to spare on a little trip we made to Southern Alberta so we made a stop in Nanton for some candy and quickly snapped these photos. Anything cozy helps me get through the dreaded transition.  I feel like I’m the only person on Instagram/social media period that wishes it could be summer year round.  I’m telling you, it gets SO cold up here.  The nights have started to cool down, not to mention it totally snowed while I was away in Kelowna!  I think I was being protected from emotional trauma not being around for that one–snow in August? I actually can’t.

Though I am not a fan of the cooler weather I am choosing embrace the cozy sweaters, warm drinks and just the feeling of autumn all together.  This cozy cardigan was one of my favourite finds from Urban Outfitters and I know I’ll get lots of wear out of it this fall and winter.  This one I’m wearing here also comes in cute other colours/patterns and I’m also loving the red option.  I like to introduce cozy sweaters and oversized scarves when it starts to cool down to be practical without jumping heaving into fall style before it’s actually fall. I hope you are all having an amazing end to summer and it was so nice to be here to say hi to you all! 

xx E

fall cardigan from urban outfitters
fall cozy cardigan from urban outfittersfall looks 2015fall hats 2015basic tshirt for fall

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blue summer dress from anthropologie
Putomayo Shift Dress, Similar Brown Hat, Flats

Good Monring Loves! 

It feels so nice to be on here saying hello! So far summer has been relaxing and I’ve been able to do so much of what I’ve wanted to do. Like reading, watching weird people on YouTube and spending all of my other free time eating. I hope the same for you!  Summers at the McMullin’s are usually pretty lonely.  Timothy works during the four summer months and when your love is cramming in as many hours as most people work year round into four months, it can be pretty boring.  I enjoy being alone but boy do we love when the work season comes to an end.

I’ve been so blessed to be able to stay in my home for the summer first time in almost 6 years.  I’ve got to spend a lot of time with friends and family that normally we go months without seeing, put together walls that I’ve been collecting things for over 4 years and was able to sit on my front door step without getting frost bite–it’s been glorious!  It’s really hard to understand how difficult it is to be away from everyone until you experience it yourself.  I find it especially  difficult when you aren’t doing anything exotic like travelling! A lot of sit time thinking about how much you miss everyone.  So I have been SO grateful for our first summer in our home.  I planted my first garden, was successful at growing my first round of veggies + flowers and spent quality time with the people I love most.  Being here is something I really needed and have appreciated so much.

My best friend had a baby recently and I’m so grateful I’ve been here to watch him grow and develop and allow him to get to know me. My other best friend has a daughter and to be able to see her whenever I want is a huge blessing.  Just getting to spend time outside with one another is more than I could ask for.  Sounds so simple but it’s true!  Oh gosh, they are so cute! I’m unfortunately not allowed to share any photos of ANY of my friend’s kids on social media but I promise, they make this world so bright. Life is really all about the little things.

Last night, Tim asked that I get dressed and we go for a relaxed dinner since we haven’t seen very much of each other lately. I haven’t actually done my hair in weeks so I thought it was a good reason for some TLC.  On the drive there we decided to stop and photograph this dress because I am actually in love and wanted to share it with all of you.  The details, colour and style are literally everything I dream of in a shift dress.  I love how relaxed it can be or how you are able to dress it up if you wish. Anything boho-ish has my heart.

I hope that you all are living well and appreciating little moments. I feel so grateful for your encouragement on my last post and love that you guys support me while I figure everything out.  I am forever grateful.

anthro summer dress

blue beaded dress from anthropologie
anthro beaded dress
anthropologie Putomayo Shift dress beaded shift dress from anthropologie
Putomayo Shift Dress Anthropologieshift dress from anthropologieanthro dress

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turquoise nike runnersOutfit: Albion Fit 

“Follow your passion…it’ll lead  you to your purpose” -OPRAH

One month ago I was settled into Park Ctiy at the Soulstice Retreat with Albion Fit at the Stein Erikson Lodge.  This weekend away was surely one of the greatest gifts that couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. The first night I remember thinking to myself, is this is all I get from this weekend, then I’ll be so content.  Then, it kept getting better and better.

The yoga, pilates, acro-yoga, SUP Yoga, hiking, swimming, sun bathing was all beyond amazing. What got me most that weekend was the girls I met, the energy we shared and how I will forever be changed for the better.  That weekend in Utah really helped me gain some self-awareness I was seeking.

Before I left, I really questioned myself and what my reason for blogging was.  I am not a professional blogger (if you couldn’t tell already).  I don’t proof read. Hate changing outfits, don’t really like shopping that much and to be honest I’m not always on trend with what’s in. So why the heck am I running this “style” blog?

The biggest struggle I was getting confused with was my WHY.  You ever get that?  Catch yourself in a moment and really question what the heck you are doing?

Blogging for me, is a choice.  I’m grateful for that choice but at the same time I felt proud like I wanted to contribute to my little family and I wanted to be the entrepreneur that I knew I could be.  I wanted something to work at for myself.  But when what I’m doing was making others around me feel bad, thats when I really questioned my reality.  I see how passionate and joyful blogging makes some and I knew that feeling wasn’t there for me. I wanted to feel 1000% happy doing what I was doing–and I wasn’t.

This made me nervous to admit.  You change a career once, people are ok.  Twice, they think you’ve wasted a lot of time. Third time…now they just think you’re pretty confused.  It’s not that I was excited about throwing Convey The Moment away but I personally feel if you are unhappy with something or it isn’t 100% of a reflection of where you want to be then you need to get up and change that.  Do what actually makes you happy.  Parts of it made me happy, but parts of it made me feel extremely confused as well.  As I’m writing this right now my girlfriend just sent me a text saying, “I feel like your feed is definitely more true to yourself now!”  I think I was overthinking the whole thing and taking it a bit too seriously.

What I learned is that I must stop wasting time.  Stop focusing on everything you hate or wish you could have.  Stop waiting until you get to where you want to be.  You have to start living now.  Enjoying the now.  Accepting the realities of now. I’m sorry if this offends anyone but I have been there and I have hated every single second of it.  I loved having Convey The Moment but I didn’t love what I was putting out on Convey The Moment.

The truth is, I started Convey The Moment to share parts of me, with those who cared to follow along.  I wanted to let those interested in reading know it’s okay to not be perfect. I have struggles, we all do.  I don’t have very many talents.  I can’t sing, it’s been forever since I’ve danced. I’m not athletic, suck at anything beauty related and I had no intention of being the next big fashion blogger.  I knew that I see life a little differently at times and I have an extremely compassionate heart.  I knew that by combining the two I could have fun and make a little difference.  This was my outlet to keep myself busy until I ended up where I wanted to be.  In my own personal private life. I really sat down one day and started asking myself: What were my goals? Dreams? Ambitions? Who did I want to be when I really grew up?

All I knew is that this blog and the whole Instagram world started making me feel like shit and I wasn’t happy doing what I am doing.  We know this because we’ve talked about this.  I’m just exhausted of being in a cycle where I feel I am serving no purpose, not only to others, but to myself.  I feel that when I was blogging it appearead as bragging and i didn’t like that.

This weekend at the Soulstice Retreat really helped align my priorities, understand my realities and seek insight into what was going on around me so clearly.  

No one asked me this, but I began questioning myself; How was I serving the world? How was what I am putting out making a difference?   How does my existence make you feel better?  I can post 1 million posts on all the cute things I can put together,  I can arrange my photos in a way to make you believe that I’ve gotten it figured out.  But how is that going to make any difference at all, especially if it wasn’t making me happy.  Sure it’ll provide a moment of inspiration but will it really make you feel that good, will it change you in a way where you want to put back into this universe.

This is the honest truth. I was so tired.  I was tired of people thinking I’ve got it figured out. That I thought having followers made me cool. That I lived to shop.  That fashion was one of my passions.  That I think I’m better than others. That I dislike children. That I don’t have feelings. Or a heart.  Or friends. Or a family. Or a life.  Not that I’m overly concerned with what anyone thinks but the whole thing felt off to who I really was and that was hard.  If I was happy doing what I wad doing–then that would have been amazing.  I would have been living for what I love. But I wasn’t.

You never know when I volunteer, or offer a hand or make a difference in the world, but why is that? Why is what is really important in this world something I am choosing not to share with you?  I don’t do great things. But I do try my hardest to be there for everyone around me. People I don’t even know.  Animals I’ve never even met.  I just needed to check in and revaluate myself and what I was doing.

My Instagram feed is full of perfect little people, with perfect little lives.  Did you know that?  The coolest moms in the world. The healthiest eaters I’ve ever seen.  World Travellers. People so gorgeous you would almost think they weren’t real.  Shit.  Did my life ever suck compared to.  Well, I’m done comparing.  If I feel inspired, I’ll post.  Before anything hits this bl0g I’m going to really question, how is this going to better someone else’s day?

I hope to evolve it into a better reflection of who I am, what I really do and how my experiences can help you.  If I wear an outfit I personally find cute and feel inspired I just might photograph it and post it.  I want to save the full on fashion business for the experts in that area.  The girls who love and are amazing at what they do. I need to be true to who I am, to love what I do every single day.

We heard from two amazing speakers that weekend.  Melissa Hartwig co-creater of Whole 30 and Stephanie Nielson (nieniedialogues).  When Melissa got up and spoke that first night I felt like bowing down.  I thought to myself–holy crap she totally just explained me to the absolute T.  I was scared of giving up Convey The Moment because everyone identified me with it, when in reality it wasn’t who I was what I did.  She also encouraged me to share my story which I hadn’t been able to tell many until that weekend.  I was able to explain my struggles to girls who were just a couple hours ago strangers and that took a lot of courage.  I find I am always the one listening, offering a shoulder, lending a hand, giving my everything so it felt really good to be heard and comforted and validated.

When Stephanie spoke it really hit home.  Perhaps because of my experience on the Burns and Plastics unit but also because of her message.  Celebrate the littlest things.  Find Joy in the ordinary.  Live your life.  Live your life Eleni.  Live and love your life.

It was my birthday the night Stephanie spoke and it was the best birthday gift I’ve ever received.  She reminded me that life is a gift and how precious it really is. What an absolute gift it is.  We chatted after over some delicious vegan birthday cake.  She moved me and reminded me that I need to get up and start living again.  I appreciate each one of you for coming and reading and encouraging me throughout it all.

P.S. Please excuse all the mistakes as I’m sick as a bug and my eyes are pretty swollen from tears.

soulstice retreat
coral capri workout pantsmint green workout top from lululemonF25A4694

This was a small group of us after doing HIGH Fitness. Oh my heaven.  They literally had to drag me there and I am forever grateful they did.  I’m not one to love working out/high intensity but some of the greatest people I’ve ever met started High and going to that class was honestly a blessing in disguise.  Ironically one of the owners lives in my city and I’ve become close to one of their girlfriends who isn’t only someone I’ve been longing to meet she literally lives a neighbourhood away.  If you ever want to come to High with us, send me an email! It’s actually SO much fun you don’t even feel like you’re working out!F25A4775-Edit

Sadie (on my left) and I had chatted online since I started Convey The Moment so meeting her in person was an absolute blessing.  She is literally better than I imagined.  So grateful.  The girl on my right (Ashley) was the Soulstice Retreat winner who has also recently started a blog with a cute little concept! Go check her out too! xoF25A5112



Here we are practicing SUP yoga in a crater with natural hot springs water! It was a remarkable experience and I love how awkward we look in all of these photos!IMG_0373

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Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 12.47.24 PMScreen Shot 2015-07-16 at 12.47.37 PMScreen Shot 2015-07-16 at 12.47.44 PMScreen Shot 2015-07-16 at 12.48.06 PM
Hey Ladies! Are you on Pinterest? I’d love to know!

Styling a new home?  Or want to update your current living situation?  Looking for some healthy recipe ideas or maybe what to wear on the weekend? Whatever you are looking for I’m pretty sure my Pinterest Board (Convey The Moment) has it.

I’m not the best at creating cute spaces and I hate planning parties or showers for the life of me so I find I’m always leaning on my Pinterest account to help me get ideas.  I love taking inspiration and twisting it to be my own. I can’t seem to follow instructions, recipes or order of any sort so I just use it for reference of ideas (I probably stress you Type A’s out- I hear it all the time).

The number one reason I find myself landing on my Pinterest is for food ideas.  My life is revolved around food and I take great joy in preparing and eating.  Mostly eating–but hey! To us eating is something we really cherish and I want others to find the joy in good nutritious food. So, this board is where it goes down.  Even if you don’t follow a plant-based diet (which is just as wonderful) you can easily add meat, dairy or eggs to any of the things I pin!

I love sharing ideas and getting creative with others so come join me and please leave a comment below with your username so I can follow back! See you over there!

Eleni xx


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plaid top from urban outfitters
Hat / Lace Tank (ON SALE) / Distressed Shorts / Plaid Button Up / Dainty Necklace / Nail Polish / Similar Flats

If there is a secret to having it all, it’s acknowledging that you already do.  The more you focus on all that you do have, the more you appreciate all that you do have.

Well Hello Ladies!  I’m seriously in love with anything to do with summer but especially the style! Nothing screams my name more than dainty lace tops and cut off daisy dukes.  One styling strategy I have found to be very helpful is to integrate pieces into my wardrobe that can be restyled multiple ways.

This is a discrete way to save money without jeopardizing unique looks.  I love these shorts for summer because they are high waisted cut offs and well obviously they are perfect for hotter days, but I’m looking forward to adding a distressed nylon for early fall.  The same plan will work for the plaid button up.  I decided to tie it around my waist to add depth to this simple look but I know I will wear it throughout the fall and winter as well.  As for the hat? Well I’m sure we all know how I feel about hats.  All day, everyday! 

The reality is you don’t always have to be shopping to create new looks.  I strongly believe in re-wearing pieces over and over and just switching up how you’re styling them.  Who doesn’t want to save a dollar or two?!

Choose staple pieces like these cut off shorts, lace top, and hat. Now is the perfect time to purchase these pieces partly because some are reduced in cost but also because of the upcoming change in season. Choose items you can imagine being versatile with what you already own.

If you’re following me on Instagram you may have seen me style these these pieces multiple ways already.  I’m looking forward to adding some distressed boyfriends with the lace detail top, pairing the hat with a maxi dress or wearing the shorts to the beach over a swimsuit. Even simpler add a bold lip, switch out a hat, mix and match–the options are endless.
Be creative!  

Hope you all are taking time for you and enjoying the little things as they come. xx Eleni
dainty necklaces
black hat from urban outfitters
lace tank top from urban outfittersspring and summer outfit ideasblack jean shorts from urban outfitterscandian urban outfitters

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plant based diet tips
I often get asked for advice on eating vegan-like meals and some tips on transitioning to a more meat-less way of life.  I felt it would be a good time to provide some tips to make it easier for you.  I think it’s important to recognize that you don’t need to transition to a full plant-based diet in order to become healthier.  I practice a vegan lifestyle primarily because of my beliefs surrounding animals and as time has progressed I’ve gained a stronger understanding of the health benefits, but the lifestyle is not for everyone. Here are 10 tips to incorporating more plant-based foods into your diet.


#1. Have lots of fresh fruits and veggies washed, cut and ready to reach for.  This will allow you to make healthier choices when opening the fridge.  If you have me on snapchat (elenimcmullin) you probably see my fridge more than you would like to but it’s organized in a way to make healthy foods easy to eat.

#2. Find alternatives for things you love and try a Meatless Monday.  Surprisingly, there are some amazing dairy, meat and egg alternatives on the market today as a plant-based diet is trending.  Try out a coconut milk yogurt or almond/coconut/soy milk.  They are extremely tasty and provide you with more nutrients.

#3.  Make it a family mission or ask a friend to try going more plant-based with you.  The more people you have on board the easier it will be to make it a lifestyle change.

#4. Educate yourself.  It’s amazing all the things I didn’t have to give up that I loved when I became a vegan. Things like oreos, a lot of potato chips and sweets like sour patch kids.  These obviously are not the healthiest option but I believe strongly in moderation.

#5. Start your mornings with the greens! I find if I stock up on nutrient dense foods in the morning time I am more likely to commit to making better choices throughout the day.  Obviously I never stray from my vegan lifestyle but it definitely helps me make healthier choices.  I love a green smoothie with some granola and coconut yogurt or switch it up with avocado toast.  One of my favourite smoothies is super easy:

1 Cup of Dairy Free Milk
1 Cup of Spinach
1/2 Cup of Kale
1/2-1 Cup of Frozen Pineapple
1 Frozen Banana

Blend and Enjoy!

#6. Share your goals with others.  When you talk about it you’re more likely to stick to it.  Make goals and tell them to a friend or your family.  When I first started I made a decision, told my husband and stuck to it.  I really try to not discuss my eating or lifestyle because I know us vegans can be hella annoying.  It becomes hard when you are so passionate about something but I understand that not everyone agrees or feels its right for them–and thats ok!  Just do your best to get support from those around you.

#7. Be good to yourself.  I used to find one of the most frustrating things is when I would catch myself ughhh why did I eat that, or I can’t believe I caved.  The truth is the more positive self talk you do, the healthier and happier you will be.  Since letting go of those negative feelings I find I am able to have a treat every single day but still fill my body with nutrient rich foods.  Eat clean and green, leave some room to eat what you want, allow yourself to make “mistakes”.

#8. Take your time.  I find that unless you have a strong belief in a plant-based lifestyle if you head in 100% you might not be as successful.  I personally become vegan overnight but this is also due to my personal beliefs not wanting to be healthier.  Slowly start introducing new foods in and old foods out and work with what you’ve got.  You don’t need to make the change overnight to become a healthier version of you.

#9.  Prepare before you go out to eat.  And I don’t mean pack a tupperware full of the healthiest food you can find.  Read the menu so you have an idea of what things can be modified or are already vegan.  I believe in eating out and I believe in good food.  Search your local community for vegan/vegetarian places and what other restaurants can offer you some good options.  I can eat EVERYWHERE we go.  They always either have something on the menu or make something special for me.  Don’t be afraid to ask!  You can use the app HappyCow which has all your go to places in your community.  We use this app all around the world so it isn’t limiting at all.

#10. Sneak in veggies where you otherwise wouldn’t have.  I love this trick! Chop veggies and put them in soups, curry dishes or pasta sauces.  It will keep you fuller longer and it’s a lot easier than sitting there eating a head of broccoli.  


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Hello Friday! I’m super thrilled (and equally as nervous) to show you all my segment with @etalkCTV! Watch me as I take you on a tour of one of Calgary’s hottest streets featuring 3 of my personal favourites.  I usually avoid TV at all costs but I had so much fun stepping out of my comfort zone (seriously!) and trying something different!  Whether your visiting YYC or you’re a local these hot spots have to be on your list.  Click here to watch!

Check out the @etalkCTV TV episode here!  

xx Eleni  

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floral dress from urban outfitters
Look One: Floral Dress, Floppy Hat (Similar here, here and here), Shoulder Bag (Similar here), Sandals (Similar here, here and here), Sunnies (Similar here, here and here). // Look Two: Stripe Dress, Necklace, Hat, Shoulder Bag (Similar here), Booties (Mine are faux-leather, similar here and here).

Hello Girls, I am so happy to be back posting about something I’m actually excited about! Hello Summer! I couldn’t be more excited; Summer dresses, cut offs and swimwear!  One of the best places to find some cute summer pieces is Urban Outfitters.

This isn’t a new little secret but I’m thrilled to share the Canadian Site just went live. So all my fellow Canadians can welcome the flat rate of $9.95 for shipping ($24.95 for express).

I’ve stocked up on a lot of cute things for summer but for now I’ll be sharing two looks with these darling dresses. I feel the best way to add personality to any look is by adding some accessories. So naturally a hat, sunnies and shoes helped me create the look I was going for.  I love when outfits don’t take a lot of work and can be re-worn a couple of different ways and I know both of these dresses will do just that for me.

I hope you are all doing wonderful and taking time to enjoy this life.  I must say I appreciate you all for sticking with me even though I’m not posting as often! Adore and feel grateful for each one of you and your support and comments are always so appreciated.  xo Eleni

urban outfitters floral dressfloppy hat from urban outfittersdress from urban outfitters for summerStripe Dress from Urban Outfitters Urban outfitters black and white stripe dresscasual hat from urban outfitters

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This darling number is perfect for summertime but would work amazing on vacations too

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